Here are some descriptions of our services:

  • Residential and Commercial Services: APlus services both residential and commercial customers. Estimates are provided after the initial walkthrough of the project site, and work is scheduled upon customer approval.

  • Exterior Painting: All surfaces are pressure cleaned, mildew treated, caulked, sealed, and primed prior to painting for a one of a kind finish.

  • Tile Roof Pressure Cleaning: Tile roofs are pressure cleaned with water pressure. Once the surface is cleaned thoroughly mildew treatment is applied

  • Shingle Roof Cleaning: Shingle roofs are mildew treated and then cleaned with low pressure. Low pressure protects against damage to roof shingles.

  • Exterior Wall Pressure Cleaning: Remove mildew and rust stains from exterior walls and facia, adding years to your paint finish.

  • Exterior Mildew Treatment: Kills all living mildew and brings back natural color of tile, exterior walls, pavers, window frames, concrete driveways and walkways, enabling longevity between cleanings. Our treatment solvent is bio-friendly and is harmless to surrounding vegetation.

  • Concrete or Paver Sealing and Staining: Each area is pressure cleaned and mildew treated prior to staining or sealing. Once the surface is cleaned, the seal or stain is rolled on, to attain maximum absorption and a more uniform finish.

  • Pool Screen Restoration: Pool screen frame restoration is accomplished with a two step cleaning process using light pressure to protect against damage to screen, followed by a mildew treatment of the area.

For an estimate on these services please see our "Contact Us" page. We hope to hear from you soon.

Some of our previous projects are shown below for your viewing pleasure: